The weekend celebration was a very big success according to both our growers and the local FFA kids who came into help us.  At noon, Jack Breidenbach went down to the only grocery store in town that sells GW brand ( Family Food Market) and bought every bag of every type of GW sugar they had in inventory as the 500 bags of donation sugar ran out.  They still ran out of sugar before the conclusion of the event!

The local FFA chapters assisted at the booth in giving sugar out, selling cotton candy, and spreading our message.  As of 4 pm on Saturday they had sold over $200 dollars worth.

The Sterling Growers Association did an awesome job at getting this thing going.  More events like this will help in the fight against the negative campaign on both sugar and GMO’s.

Beet Days Crew Making Cotton Candy Jack breidenbach


20160917_113912 Cassie Roth Sterling Booth Sugar