• Types of Sugar

    All sugar is made from extracting sugar juice from sugar beet or sugar cane plants, and from there many types of sugar can be produced.

  • What are Added Sugars?

    There is a lot of talk about added sugars. Here is a list of added sugars as defined by the FDA here as well as some basic info on carbohydrates.

  • 9 Misunderstandings About Sugar

    What myths about sugar are you believing? The facts that go alongside those myths might be surprising to some.

  • Sugar’s Role in Food

    Learn about all of roles sugar plays in food.

  • Get to Know Sugar

    Learn more about sugar beets and sugar cane.

  • Sugar Beet Processing Infographic

    A quick review of how sugar beets are processed into sugar.

  • There Are No “Added Sugars” in Sugar

    To clear up the confusion on “added sugars”, take a look at this.

  • A Look At Windsor’s Sugar Beet Heritage

    Western Sugar grower, Perry Wiedeman, who farms with his two sons, was featured in MyWindsor News Magazine.  Take a peak if you are interested in the history of the Windsor sugar beet industry.

  • Bite-Sized Tips on Portion Control

    This tip sheet provides an easy visual for portioning your plate as well as tips and everyday items you can use to keep portions in check.

  • Back to Basics: Carbohydrates and Diabetes

    Get the facts on carbohydrates and their role in diabetes management, including: what carbohydrates are, why we need them and how to spot them on food labels.

  • Sugar Producer; Grower of the Month

    Why Lobbying Matters; Mexico and Biotech are among the top issues for Nebraska grower, Mario Pitts. He wants to do all he can to help ensure a profitable beet sugar industry in the future.

  • Sugar in the Diet: How Much Are We Actually Consuming?

    A look at the relationship between sugar intake and obesity prevalence and the important role sugar plays in nutrient delivery.