Core Values & Guiding Behaviors

We are committed to furthering the well-being of our Growers, Employees, Customers and the communities where we operate. We will do this by following the principles of our core values:



Safety jpg

Safety: Provide the support and actions necessary for everyone to be injury-free

  • Continuously improve our facilities, focusing on reducing risks
  • Be attentive to the needs and interests of our employees
  • Becoming a company with a zero-incident culture





Integrity jpg

Integrity: Honesty and fairness guide our actions

  • Adhere to high ethical standards of business conduct
  • Always be fair and respectful to others
  • Exhibit loyalty to the company, while fostering loyalty in others






Openness and Trust jpg

Openness & Trust: Value and reward openness and trust

  • Straightforward, honest, and direct when dealing with others
  • Encourage free and open discussion
  • Approachable and friendly






Teamwork jpg

Teamwork: Strongly support collaboration for better outcomes

  • Act for the good of the group and company versus individual self-interest
  • Share information and resources with others
  • Show respect for others and their viewpoints
  • Go out of our way to help others succeed




Entreprenuership jpg

Entrepreneurship: Value initiative to improve and capture new opportunities

  • Have a sense of urgency and a bias for action
  • Encourage proper and thoughtful risk-taking
  • Show high initiative to deliver results





Social  Responsibility jpg

Social Responsibility: Believe in the development of the communities we touch

  • Contribute funds and support employee time for local social activities
  • Be involved with local economic development
  • Act as stewards of the environments in which we operate