Provide sugar products that are highly relevant to our target customers which allow them to grow and reward us with loyalty, therefore creating a valuable market for our growers


Strategy: Customer Focus

Create & drive value with a focused customer approach that encompasses:


  • Leading customer service
    • Provide a level of service that exceeds that of our competition
  • Competitive cost position
    • Invest in ways that improve our productivity & reliability
    • Stayed focused on KPI’s (details) & accountability
  • High quality & innovative products
    • Create and produce the products our customers want


Western Sugar Cooperative values being customer-focused and strives to establish trust and satisfaction in each customer relationship.  Our main focus is on our customers’ needs as we provide products and services supporting their business goals. We do our best to always live up to our commitments and are very mindful in our service and communication. We measure our success based on the satisfaction of our customers.  It is our hope that all customer experiences are a “sweet” one.