Types of Sugar

All sugar is made from extracting sugar juice from sugar beet or sugar cane plants, and from there many types of sugar can be produced.

What are Added Sugars?

There is a lot of talk about added sugars. Here is a list of added sugars as defined by the FDA here as well as some basic info on carbohydrates.

Lovell hosts Dinner for First Responders

The Lovell Factory hosted a Pizza and Wings dinner for the area’s First Responders.  Those attending included the Lovell Police Department, North Big Horn Hospital Ambulance, North Big Horn Sheriff’s Department and the Lovell Volunteer Fire Department.  Dinner was hosted by Shannon Ellis, Brandon Harvey and Jody Lynne Basset.  Safety was discussed during dinner followed … Continued

WSC Billings Facility Donates to Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a program designed to serve underprivileged students of the Billings West High School population. They discreetly provide clothes, school supplies, and pay meal plans for students in need. Western Sugar’s Billings facility donated funds to provide meals to the students in the program.

Lovell Tour for LDS Young Men’s Group

The Lovell Factory gave a tour to the LDS Young Men’s.  The guests were very excited to see the inside of the factory and the processing of sugar beets.  Shannon Ellis, Factory Manager gave the tour.

Holiday Presents Delivered

The Lovell Factory supplied holiday presents for a family of 4 boys ranging from a year to ten years old. Each boy had a need (shoes, shirt and pants) and a want (a toy, book, ball).  Shannon Ellis, Rose Ames, Tia Reimers and Jody Lynne Bassett delivered the wrapped gifts to Janet Kornick at the … Continued

Western Sugar Donates to the Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Mingle

The Lovell Area Chamber of Commerce host the downtown Holiday Mingle.  Starting at 8 am with the Reindeer Dash, a movie at 11, Santa at 1, Christmas Tree lighting, and many more fun activities for everyone.  Western Sugar Cooperative donated the candy canes for Santa to give to the children.