• Rodney D. Perry

    Rodney D. Perry with over 34 years of food and agribusiness experience has held the position of president and chief executive officer since April 2014……..

  • Jay Bierley

    As SVP & Chief Financial Officer of Western Sugar Cooperative, Jay Bierley is a senior financial management professional with a…

  • David A. Devore

    David Devore is a senior human resource and safety professional with a proven record in all aspects of human resource, and safety functions, including…

  • Michael A. Skeans

    Michael Skeans joined Western Sugar Cooperative in 2015 as vice….

  • Parker Thilmony

    Parker Thilmony started his career within the sugar industry in 1995 through Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative.  He started his career with Minn-Dak as an engineer……

  • Rebecca Larson

    Rebecca L. Larson is a Ph.D. in Plant Science and has spent over 16 years in the sugar beet industry advancing plant development for the reduction of crop chemical use. She joined Western Sugar Cooperative in February 2015…..

  • Heather Luther

    Heather K. Luther, with over 25 years of corporate legal experience, has held the position of Vice President & General Counsel for The Western Sugar Cooperative since February 2016. In this role Ms. Luther manages…..

  • Randall Jobman

    Randall Jobman has held the positions of Northern Agricultural Manager and Co-Products Manager for Western Sugar since 2007. Mr. Jobman began his career with Western Sugar in 1990……

  • Jerry Darnell

    Jerry Darnell has held the position of South Region Agricultural Manager for Western Sugar since 2007. Mr. Darnell began in the sugar industry in 1991 as an Agriculturist in……