We believe safety is our greatest responsibility. Our people deserve to work in a safe place where the leaders care about each person’s safety. We commit to always keeping this in mind as we work towards improving our business. We have opportunities every day to reduce the safety risks our people face, so we should make this a true focus. We believe this is a continuous process as we embed this in our way of working ultimately creating a strong safety culture.

Leadership at all levels is accountable for the success of our safety initiatives. Our leaders will demonstrate their commitment with appropriate actions and care for people as we work towards making the workplace safer.

Each individual is accountable for their own safety as well as the safety of their co-workers, truly looking out for each other. We will work to align everyone’s values towards creating a safe workplace.


Our total commitment to safety also includes:

  • We believe no work is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed safely. We believe all injuries are preventable
  • We will never knowingly allow any employee to be put in harm’s way
  • We operate on the basis of continuous improvement
  • We recognize a strong safety focus is essential for operational excellence
  • It is important to provide the proper training for our people, empower them to participate in injury prevention, support them to make safe choices, and to help them contribute towards a safer working environment
  • Making sure we create, build, and establish safety in every process
  • We strive for a zero incident/injury culture