MDS (Molasses Desugarized Solubles)

MDS (Molasses Desugarized Solubles) Molasses Desugarized Solubles (MDS) is produced during the exclusion separation of sucrose from beet molasses. In the process, sucrose is recovered for granulation and the greater part of the non-sugars of the original sugar beet molasses is separated into residual molasses and concentrated to produce MDS. Major components of MDS are: … Continued

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HE (High Energy) Molasses

HE (High Energy) molasses is produced during the crystallization of sucrose from the sugar rich syrup recovered through the ion exclusion separation process. HE is similar in dry substance and sugar content to molasses produced during the crystallization of sugar from sugar beet juice. With a protein content of 7%, a low dry matter of … Continued

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Molasses Beet Pulp Pellets

Beet pulp pellets are formed from dried sugar beet pulp. Typically, molasses is added during the drying process. The primary advantage of pelletizing over pressed pulp is ease of handling. Pelletizing also facilitates transportation and offers the opportunity for stable long-term storage. The ability to easily transport and store pellets allows for a consistent feeding … Continued

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Process Engineer

Title: Process Engineer Location: Scottsbluff, NE Click HERE to apply!   Position Overview The Western Sugar Cooperative has a challenging opportunity for a Process Engineer. This position will report to the process manager and support the processing of the Molasses Desugarization facility in Scottsbluff, NE. The position requires a very dynamic person with the ability … Continued

Shipping Admin Clerk; $20.00/hr

This is a full time position Job Title: Shipping Admin Clerk Location:  Fort Morgan Wage: $20.00/hour To apply click HERE   Summary Performs a variety of business responsibilities.  Actively participates in supporting Western Sugar Core Values.  Requires considerable judgment, diplomacy, and tact.  Assignments are received in the form of results expected, due dates, and procedures to … Continued

Director of Supply Chain

Position Overview:  Develop and manage materials planning function for goods and materials demanded by Western Sugar Cooperative’s customers.  Create item specific forecasts over a rolling time horizon to be used for ordering and inventory management purposes. Create integrated processes among Operations, Logistics, Sales, and outside suppliers to execute the planning/replenishment process. Identify systems tools needed … Continued

MD Utility

JOB TITLE:  MD UTILITY                                                                PAY RATE: $22.51 Please pick-up an application from the facility: 2100 East Overland Drive Scottsbluff, NE 69361 JOB REQUIREMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES   GENERAL Qualified candidates should: Becommitted totheCoreValuesofWesternSugarCooperative Safety – Integrity – Openness & Trust – Teamwork Entrepreneurship – Social Responsibility Be able to work 12-hour rotating shifts, year-round Be committed to … Continued

Expansion Projects Announcement

For further information contact: Kent Wimmer Phone: 303-813-3540 Email:   Western Sugar Cooperative Investing for the future Denver, Colorado: The Western Sugar Cooperative announced they have entered into a new long-term credit commitment led by CoBank, a financial services institution that provides credit to agribusiness cooperatives and other rural businesses throughout the United States. This commitment … Continued

Retail Light Brown Sugar

Our GW Light Brown Sugar with its mild molasses flavor, natural brown color and moistness, is the ideal ingredient for cakes, cookies, shortbread and more. When your recipe calls for Light Brown Sugar, GW is the perfect ingredient.   1 lb. Light and Dark Brown Sugar 2 lb. Light and Dark Brown Sugar 4 lb. … Continued

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The sugar beet is two crops in one. Its principal product, sugar, is a vital energy food for human beings. The co-products of the sugar beet extraction process: pressed or pelleted pulp, HE molasses, and MDS are nutritious, high-energy feeds for livestock. The Western Sugar Cooperative is committed to exceed industry standards with quality feed … Continued

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What is sugar?

Sugar is sucrose, a carbohydrate found in every fruit and vegetable. All green plants manufacture sugar through photosynthesis, the process by which plants transform sunlight into their food and energy supply. Once photosynthesis creates sugar, plants have the unique ability to change sugar to starch and starch to var- ious sugars for storage. This diversity provides us with a wide variety of tasty fruits and vegetables, from the starchy potato to the sweet carrot. Sugar cane and sugar beet plants contain sucrose in large quantities, and that’s why they are used as commercial sources of sugar. A stalk of the cane plant contains about 14% sugar. Sugar beets contain about 16% sugar. 1/6th of a watermelon has 17.4 grams of sucrose and and a peach has 4.7grams of sucrose. If it were as efficient to extract sucrose/sugar from either the watermelon or the peach the product would be the same, pure natural sugar.

What is refining?

“Refined” is a misunderstood word, especially when it comes to sugar. Somehow, over the years, refined has taken on the meaning of being overly processed and manipulated. In truth, the definition of refine is “to make pure.” For sugar, the refining process simply separates natural sucrose from the plant material, without bleaching or chemical manipulation. Always remember “Sugar Is All Natural …15 Calories Per Teaspoon.”

Why is sugar found in many processed foods?

We prize sugar for its sweet taste, but it has many other functions in cooking and baking. Sugar contributes texture and browning to baked goods. Yeast need sugar to regulate the fermentation process that causes bread to rise. Sugar adds mouth-pleasing bulk to ice cream and baked goods, preserves jams and fruits, and imparts a satisfying body or “mouthfeel” to beverages. In non- sweet foods—salad dressings, sauces, condiments— sugar enhances flavor and balances the natural acidity of tomato and vinegar-based products.

Can I substitute brown sugar for white granulated sugar in recipes?

Substitute 1 cup packed brown sugar for 1 cup granulated sugar. Be aware that brown sugar will add a molasses flavor to your recipe.

What is the difference between light and dark brown sugar?

The choice depends on the recipe you are using and personal preference. Dark brown sugar has a stronger molasses flavor. Choose lighter types for baking, butterscotch and glazing ham. Use richer-flavored dark brown sugar for gingerbread, baked beans, plum pudding and other full-flavored foods.

Can confectioners (powdered) sugar be substituted for granulated sugar in a recipe?

These products usually are not interchangeable. Confectioners sugar is made up of much finer particles than granulated sugar, and it contains a small amount of corn starch to prevent caking.

Is your product Kosher friendly?

Yes, our sugar is Kosher friendly.

Is the sugar manufactured by Western Sugar free from allergens?

Yes, please see Allergen Statement below

Allergen and Sulfite Statement 2016

Does your sugar contain Gluten?

No, see our Gluten Free Statement below

Gluten Free Statement 2016

Do you have a letter of guarantee?

Yes, see our Letter of Guarantee below

Letter of Guarantee 2016

Is this sugar GMO Free?

Please view our attached GMO Statement below

GMO Statement 2016

Eurofins Factory Report

Sugar is GMO Free