RATE RANGE:  $22.51-26.65




A commitment to the core values of The Western Sugar Cooperative

  • Be committed to the Core Values of Western Sugar Cooperative
    • Safety – Integrity – Openness & Trust – Teamwork Entrepreneurship – Social Responsibility
  • Commitment to personal and food safety as well as efficient operations.
  • Applicants must have good oral and written communication skills
  • Commitment to regular attendance
  • Use and believe in good maintenance practices and continue to promote their use throughout the facility
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Applicants should possess ability to develop effective time management skills
  • Job requires multi-tasking, good organizational skills, and self-motivation
  • Applicants must work well within a crew context and with End Techs
  • Candidate will be required to work the universal schedule
  • Accept a leadership role in the crew when required
  • Follow required Good Manufacturing Practices and good hygiene.
  • Must hold a valid State Vehicle Driver’s License.


  • Sufficient knowledge of the beet sugar process
  • Knowledge of process control system
  • Learn/receive training on multiple station jobs including:
  1. Sugar Boiling     Lime Kiln              9.    Boiler House Operator
  2. 2nd Filters     PKF Operator         10.   Stoker-Water
  3. Centrifugal Operator     Bin Operator          11.   Lab Lead Analysis
  4. Carb Station                 Knife Station          12.   Bench Chemist
  • Applicants possess set of basic quality hand tools
  • Applicants must be capable of repair and caring for industrial facility equipment, with necessary support
  • Sufficient knowledge of the beet sugar process to identify and diagnose process/mechanical issues
  • Basic mechanical skills


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

POSTING DATE: 01.14.2022           APPLICATION DEADLINE: 01.21.2022 – 8 AM


NOTE:  All these skills and experiences outlined above are preferred but are not required to be                                        considered for this position. Classification within the position (Entry Level, C, B, or A) will be dependent on SKATE.   Position designed to help in the development of employee to advance to Beet/Sugar End Tech position.