This is a full time position

Location: Sterling

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Position Overview:

  • To be a self starter on a crew that can work rotating shifts, with detailed knowledge of Trailer inspection, Customer requirements, Food Safety requirements This Operator must be able to operate Bulk loading station, inspection of Forklifts, Good customer relations and operate in an economical manner by minimizing losses and the ability to Train others on Inspections / loading/ testing practices. Along with all GMP rules and guidelines.

Essential Functions 

  • Live our Core Values of: Being a Safety Leader, Integrity, Openness & Trust, Teamwork, Entrepreneurship, and Social Responsibility,
  • Following all company policies, including but not limited to: Safety, Food Safety, Environmental and Work Rules.
  • Making proper inspections as needed to stay within food safety requirements and operations based on changing process conditions. Such as: Equipment inspection (trailer), Loading equipment, Sugar quality, equipment breakdowns, staffing, time management, capable of doing simple mathematics, filling in documentation,
  • Performing the duties of a “Critical Employee” in the case of emergencies (As defined by Company Policy).
  • Assisting in training and directing other Warehouse and Packaging staff in their duties.
  • Following instructions and performing any other work, unless unqualified, that is requested by their Supervisor.
  • Work on a designated crew during seasonal maintenance periods and to also assist maintenance personnel during production as requested by their supervisor.
  • Fill in for sick or absent warehouse personal or other positions they may be qualified for and trained to perform.
  • Completing, or directing others to complete forms, or other documentation requested by the Management team.
  • Completing rounds, and reporting maintenance issues or improper operation of equipment to Management.

Skill & Experience Requirements

  • Friendly, results oriented, and collaborative.
  • Ability to operate Warehouse and Packaging equipment including, but not limited to: loading ramps, Trailer locks, Forklift safety, along with any adjustments that need made to keep product within specifications.
  • Problem solving abilities, mechanical aptitude, and the ability to learn new tasks.
  • Clear communication of process conditions and company directives to oncoming shifts.

Working Relationship:

  • This position reports to their Warehouse Supervisor or Leads. They also work closely with Packaging personnel to safely achieve production goals. They will maintain area as needed to stay with GMP guidelines. They will direct subordinate operators in Warehouse areas.

Employment Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age. Must have proficiency at reading, writing, and speaking English. Prerequisite knowledge of the Warehousing, forklift safety, Product identification, Equipment repair along with a commitment to Food Safety and Product Quality standards.

Leadership skills:

  • The successful candidate must be able to communicate in a professional and calm manner while reinforcing that correct procedures and standards are followed by themselves and other crew members. Reliability and punctual attendance are essential in this critical position.
  • Personnel in this position must also demonstrate a willingness to acquire new skills beneficial to the company by attending training that is offered by the company.

Travel Requirements: NONE


Position Type: Union Status: Non-Exempt Wages: $17.00 Location: Sterling
Benefits: Seasonal – None; Once move to Year round – Medical, Vision, STD, LTD, 401K, Vacation, Allowance Time, and Holidays